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Embrace the Health, Confidence, and Energetic Lifestyle You've Always Desired. It All Begins with the Transformation You Achieve in These 21 Days.

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Ignite Your Fitness and Wellness Journey With the K7 Jumpstart:

This isn't just a fitness program; it's your gateway to a life brimming with energy and confidence:

  • Empowering Daily Impact Coaching: Get ready for daily doses of inspiration and personalized guidance that keeps you aligned and driven towards your wellness goals.

  • Invigorating Weekly Zoom Fitness Sessions: Dive into live, empowering workouts led by our elite fitness experts, each session sculpted to fit your unique journey.

  • Personalized Vision & Roadmap Framework Session: Start your 21-day transformation with a private session to craft a custom-made roadmap, perfectly tailored to the rhythm of your life.

  • Transformation Framework Session: Finish strong with a powerful coaching call to stay dialed in with the vision you established at the start.

We Will Walk You Through Each Step...

Here's What you'll Get Each Day Of The

5-Day 'Time Saver Power Workout' Challenge!

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Day 1

Discovering Quick Workout Secrets

Learn how to maximize your workout efficiency. Master the art of short, high-intensity exercises that fit into any schedule, providing the same results as longer sessions.

By the end you'll...

  • Understand the science behind time-efficient workouts.

  • Discover exercises that yield quick results.

Day 2

Energizing Fitness Routines

Explore dynamic routines that boost your energy levels. These workouts are not only time-savers but also energy amplifiers, perfect for tackling a busy day.

By the end you'll...

  • Learn routines that boost stamina and energy.

  • Experience workouts that keep you energized throughout the day.

Day 3

Engaging and Fun Fitness Tactics

Dive into workouts that are as enjoyable as they are effective. Esteban's unique approach ensures that every session is a fun and engaging experience.

By the end you'll...

  • Enjoy workouts that are fun and motivational.

  • Learn to love your fitness routine.

Day 4

Amplifying Your Fitness Impact

Learn to make every minute of your workout count. Discover techniques to amplify the impact of your fitness routine, ensuring maximum benefit from each session.

By the end you'll...

  • Learn how to maximize the impact of short workouts.

  • Get tips on enhancing workout effectiveness.

Day 5

Ready, Set, Transform!

It's time to bring everything together. Implement what you've learned in a grand finale workout, setting the stage for a continued fitness journey.

By the end you'll have taken away...

  • Combine all learned techniques in a culminating workout.

  • Set the foundation for ongoing fitness success.

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Your Fitness Transformation Awaits!

Ready to transform your fitness routine in just 5 days?

Here's What You Can Expect From 'Time Saver Power Workout' Challenge!

Before The Challenge

  • Limited Fitness Routine Knowledge

  • Struggle with Consistency

  • Low Energy Levels

  • Fitness Plateaus

  • Uncertainty About Effective Workouts

After The Challenge

  • Expanded Workout Knowledge

  • Improved Consistency

  • Elevated Energy Levels

  • Breaking Through Plateaus

  • Confidence in Your Fitness Routine

  • FREE! Five energizing days with Esteban Lutz, guiding you through time-efficient workouts designed for maximum impact, ensuring you stay fit and energized during the holiday season.

  • FREE! Access to our exclusive 'Time Saver Power Workout' community, where you can share successes, pose questions, glean new workout insights, and draw motivation from like-minded individuals.

  • FREE! Proven workout techniques and tips that cut through the noise, enabling you to see tangible fitness results faster, and more effectively than ever before!


  • BONUS! Live Interactive Sessions with Fitness Expert Esteban Lutz! Dive deep into effective, time-saving workout strategies that you can integrate into your busy lifestyle, ensuring optimal fitness with minimal time investment.

  • BONUS! Nutritional Insights for Enhanced Energy! Gain valuable knowledge on how to pair your workouts with nutrition for an all-encompassing approach to health, boosting energy levels, and enhancing overall well-being.

  • BONUS! Exclusive Access to 'Time Saver' Workout Templates! Receive specially designed workout plans that you can customize and adapt to your schedule, making it easier than ever to stay on track with your fitness goals.

Normally: $1,000 Value


Why the '21-Day' K7 Jumpstart?

This is more than a program; it's a movement for ambitious, busy women like you who are ready to break free from the ordinary. It's for those who seek not just consistency in fitness but a life filled with unstoppable energy and confidence.

Don't Let This Chance Slip Away

Begin the New Year with a surge of vitality and self-assurance. This is your moment to shine!

Our content is designed for informational purposes and should not replace professional medical advice; always consult a qualified healthcare provider before making any significant changes to your lifestyle or fitness routine.

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